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Jemima Selamy, is preparing to enter college in the fall. As a graduating senior she has held several leadership positions within her school. She became her school’s representative for public speaking, a co-captain of the volleyball team her sophomore year, a lead representative of the “Youth of Tomorrow” leadership club, finally ending her year as Senior Class President for the academic year of 2018-2019. Throughout her endeavors she has grown as a leader, an achiever and trailblazer. The reason why she chose leadership is because to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and uplift one another despite our backgrounds and cultural differences . Growing up in a Haitian-Christian household perfection was expected there were no room for mistakes. What lead Jemima to leadership is not liking the idea to be perfect, and to not conform to this world. Jemima plans to continue being a leader in her future school, but my hope is that I can inspire others to find their voice and strength.  


J’da-Wren McKay is a high school senior. She is very hard working, intelligent and ambitious. When she sets out to achieve something she gives it 100%. J’da-Wren has demonstrated her leadership through her participation in various activities both in and outside of school. In her second year on the volleyball team, J’da was chosen to be captain. In addition to that, she is a member of the YMCA programs including: Summer Camp, volunteering at the Prospect Park Armory where she worked as an administrative assistant, Youth and Government, Teens Take the City and Leaders Club. J’da’s active presence in each of these programs shows her dedication and desire to be a voice for her community. She is always aware of what’s going and around her and us eager to find solutions. She has an integral part of the Bedford Academy High school community as well. She has participated in yearbook committee, and senior event plannings. J’da plans to make her high school experience one to remember for her and her classmates. As she prepares for college, she plans to earn a PHD in Psychology. With this scholarship J’da-Wren is one step closer to fulfilling her dreams and living to her fullest potential.


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Beverly Lamour is an aspiring business woman that will graduate from Jamaica Gateway High School. Over the course of her high school years, she has managed to take on various high school leadership positions efficiently and prove to her school community her dedication to improve and shape her community. Beverly was the first female to ever be given the captain position on a male fencing team after four years of persistence, practice, and dedication. Not only has she taken on the title of being the first female captain but she also encouraged other girls within her high school to join the team. Her persistence to break boundaries doesn’t stop in fencing but continues in her academics. Beverly has consistently pushed herself to obtain stellar marks in her classes and as a result, received a spot in the national honor society. Additionally, Beverly has created her own club, The Social Justice Club, as a platform for students in her school to discuss issues affecting marginalized groups in society. She is also involved in various other clubs that have sparked her interests such as The United Nations Club and the Yearbook Club. In the fall, Beverly will attend Baruch College and study marketing and advertising. Beverly’s journey is just beginning and she is ready to create her own path to success. With the Seeds of Fortune Scholar of the Year Award, she can invest in her education and become a successful marketing manager. 


Asilana is proud to sponsor this year's Seeds of Fortune scholar of the year scholarship.  We support strong, independent young women of color with a high potential to succeed academically and within their community.  As the future leaders of our nation we trust you to build strong communities and lead others down the right path.  


In addition to this scholarship, we would like to provide a full makeover for the winner of this scholarship on the day of the 2019 Seeds of Fortune Inc. Seed to Bloom Awards. We are rooting for you!  We are eager to provide this scholarship and to continue to support thriving students in New York City.

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