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Color in One

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of Color in One is to make a foundation of equality. No matter the skin color or where you come from. The program will start off in New York and hopefully spread out to other place in the United States. The organization motives is to help minorities get a greater advantage than what they are limited to get. We want to show the greatness in all figures . We will provide program on life skills and education. As well, ways to express yourself and stand out in their environment. Some of the company needs are mentors, guidance counselor, and programs from the students to join. Also, the company need the participants to show interest, motivation and dedication. The company will be in contact with many organizations that can help with our goals and college student. Anyone can be part of this program by calling or emailing for further details.


Black live matter


Boy & girl club


It a education center

it a counseling environment

Everyone is together


To make the company be successful we will need many resources by our side. Each resource we get has to be connected to each goal we make. We will need motivational speakers, this will help the participants want to stay in the program and fight for their success. They would teach female and male empowerment. As well, about college experience and advice. Some resources will be helpful on how to get into college. These programs will help us prepare our participants be college ready financially and mentally. There will also be part where student will go to college tours and overnight trips.The organization will provide life skills moments such as how to cook, manage money and business plans. The participants will be given chances to do hand on work through the program. We will prepare them for internships and interview. We will be communicating with people in a average society and also people who have made it big. We will be in contact with celebrities to donate and help the participant reach their goals to success. Our company will have a website and social media accounts to inform everyone about the activities we have and opportunities that we offer.

People Needed to Complete This Project:


Thessaly O

Clara R

Organizations To Partner With:


Seed of Fortune

College foundation





This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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