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cheltsea marte

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Damage Be Gone Inc.

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my company is to make individuals feel more confident in their own hair. Without having to utilize protective styling and other damaging hairstyles, my customers will rock their own hair with lots of pride. I am excited to put this product on the market to receive the results of other hair types than my own and my peers. I believe that my product will work wonders on every hair type to give my customers the look they want to achieve on a daily basis. I want my customers to feel superior when using my product giving them the confidence to feel and be beautiful. This product will create new beginnings for people all around New York, you will begin to see more natural styles being acknowledged within society. I want to bring power to natural hair. From rejuvenating curls and damage to creating a whole new entire person.


Shea Moisture






All natural products


In order for me to complete this project, I must gather materials, resources, as well as have a great support system. I know that in order to store my products safely and with fewer issues, I must purchase bottles and containers to store the product. Along with the bottles and containers, I must have the materials needed to create the label, this way the customers know the name of the product and what chemicals are being put into their hair. I can complete this task by utilizing my computer to search up how to create product labels, and eventually, find somewhere to print some labels with a sticky side to ensure it stays on. I want to make my product to be very appealing to the market, so I may have to go to the arts and crafts store also to get creative with the design of my product. The label should incorporate my sense of style as well as a sense of what will be in the bottle. Knowing this may take quite and bit of time I must also plan ahead a time, a calendar can help me be organized on setting certain days to accomplish different tasks.

People Needed to Complete This Project:




Organizations To Partner With:

Shea Moisture

Cece's Luxury Hair Extensions

Knotted Up


Vitamin E= $10.00

Castor Oil= Free (import from Jamaica)

Coconut Oil= $5.00

Shea Butter= $7.00

A scent of choice = $13.00

Total = $35.00

Cost of Product= $35.00 * 1.25= $43.75 (You will receive a large jar of the product that will last long)

$8.75 profit


This idea came from my former cheer sister, Makayla Anderson, also a former seed scholar. I wanted to build on her idea of natural haired women .

to help minorities rejuvenate their hair texture and rock their amazing curls in any season.

by 2025 my business should be stable and gain profit

my business will be in New York and then spread to areas like Florida, New Jersey, and maybe even Chicago

the reason for my business is because I want women as well as men to feel comfortable in their own hair, and if they are going through some challenges with perms or heat, they can always usee my product to bounce back .

I would start my idea during college and find peers who are interested in helping me build up a new empire.



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary!