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Taneisha Lamour

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Fruits for Change

Statement of Purpose:

A major problem that is striking countries in South and Central America and also the Carribean is poverty. Many of the citizens living in these countries are unemployed, They are unable to provide an adequate diet to feed their families, Many countries in these regions do not have healthy diets. For example, one problem facing Mexico is high obesity rates. A major problem facing this country is high obesity rates. A country like Haiti has been struck by numerous Natural disasters that have messed up their vegetation. The earthquake that occurred in January 2010 has left many people impoverished. Many of the people in these countries do not have access to fruits and vegetable that are essential to a necessary diet. The purpose of this service is to help not only feed but nourish those who are not as fortunate to be able to have a grocery store in proximity.


Childrens Hunger Alliance

Project Bread the Walk for Hunger

Oxfam America


Our service is international as opposed to these competitors who are local

Our sefvie helps to not only feed but educate those who are in need

Our service helps to provide different solutions to different problems such as starvation and obesity


To complete this project I would need a series of donations. There would need to be areas of land in South of America preferably in Florida. The land will be needed to grow the frits. There will also need to be donation centers in cities including New York and Miami. The service will need the support of the public due to the fact that is where the majority of donations of the seeds will come from. The company will need support from big donors to cover the cost of educators and transportation. The company will be sending people to the impoverished countries to not only help the distribution of goods but also to help educate the people living in these countries. These employees will preferably be bilingual to aid in the communication between the people of the countries and the employees. The company will also need donors to help transport the products. The products shipped to the Carribean will be transported by boat and those that are being shipped to central and South America will be shipped by airplane. There will be a number of costs that come with the transportation of the fruit, Another would be the cost of fuel.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

My mother

The Mayor

A notable person that will help with the publicity of the project. For example Oprah

Organizations To Partner With:

American Red Cross

World Medical Relief

Save the Children


The cost to buy half an acre of land will be w=twenty thousand dollars, To set up donation centers will total to fifty thousand dollars thousand dollars. To transport the fruits our service will partner with FedEx and ship fruits biweekly will cost five thousand to ship to the countries.


The objective of the service is to help all types of People such as Men, Women,and Children

The service helps people to give back to their world community by doing the small service of giving away seeds from their consumed fruits.

The business will start accepting donations on the start of September 2019. The company will accept donations from six in the morting until 7 in the afternoon

The business will be donating to 7 countries in South America, 3 countries in the Caribbean and 3 countries in Central America.

Hunger is a widespread problem facing many of the countries in our world, No one deserves to go without food or proper nourishment.

The service will be promoted to get the attention of donors who will be able to help cover the funds that come with our company. It will also be promoted to catch the attention of people who are educated in health and are bilingual. IT will be promoted on television, in churches and magazines



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary!