Tamara Rodriguez

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1 Step 2 Green

Statement of Purpose:

My company will not only provide people with materials to make their environment a much cleaner place to live in the teach them how one simple act can have a significant impact. 1 Step 2 Green has the mission of making communities a place where both adults and children are able to feel like they can breathe in fresh, clean air rather than the smell trash surrounds them. It will also educate the upcoming generation by teaching them how important it is to treat their environment with respect because after all, is there only home. This company will also set an example to many children to take a stand and start making changes not only to their environment but in other places that they believe can make a step towards a greener path overall 1 Step 2 Green will educate and serve communities in need for a cleaner home.


Bronx River Alliance

Greenwich Green and Clean

We Act for Environmental Justice


Uses both action and info to make changes

Start change in all different types of communities

Goal is change in the enviroment as a whole


In order for me to complete the 1 Step 2 Green project, I will need to network with many people. While networking, I will need to find volunteers, organizations and the best way to fundraise. I will need volunteers that will help place material and restore them when needed. I would need help and feedback from organizations that have a similar goal that 1 Step 2 Green has. This is very important because I would be able to make a SMART goal while completing this project. Organizations can give me by giving advice on strategies that work and have not worked for them. This resource will allow me to prepare myself for problems I might face and can help me strength the company. In addition, I will need to get money in order to get materials such as trash cans and bags. One of the most important resources I will need is a platform such as a website or social media that will spread the word. This platform will not only ask for help but provide both adults and children with important information on pursuing a greener path. For this platform to attract others I will need help from a former or current AP Computer Science student or even the Ap Computer Science teacher.

People Needed to Complete This Project:



CBI Jimenez

Organizations To Partner With:

Greenwich Green and Clean


Sierra Club


Max = $20 per can from Walmart
Total cans = 100
Cost = 2,000

Bags = Garbage Bags 32-33 Gallon Drawstring Trash Bags - 150 / Case - Black - Garbage Bags
Total bags = 4 packs/ 600
Cost = 200

Total Cost = 2200

Pricing = ?

Profit= TBD


communities within the Bronx

I believe the what of the business is to keep communities clean

Placed and taken out every other day or two days by sanction workers

located in communities that need to trash cans

To create an environment that is cleaner.

Place trash cans to collect trash that is usually thrown on the floor.



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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