Serenity Sherwood

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Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of BRACELETS(4)CHANGES is to bring awareness to the issue of ocean pollution and help clean our oceans and beaches one can at a time. Located near local harbors and beaches, individuals can donate five aluminum cans and fill out the application for a really cool bracelet. The station works like a parking meter in the sense that you pay for your ticket with aluminum cans. Once you put in the required amount of cans, you fill out your name, address, and design so that we can mail you your very own bracelet! The only thing you have to pay for is shipping, and with that money we will build more stations around the community. Not only will our waters look better but do will our homes, as we rid the streets of some of its waste. For more information pertaining to BRACELETS(4) our office between the hours of 8am-7pm @3476317368
In addition please look out for our BRACELETS(4)CHANGES website!!


US Recycling Inc

Material Recovery Facility

Chambers Paper Fibres Corporation


Method of recycling


Location of the business


To complete my business and make it successful I need the help of my parents and grandparents. As consumers, they would be able to aid me in understanding what methods are effective and what method result in a loss of customers. My father also has a place in the business industry. As someone who delivers goods, my father has a better understanding of what people want at the moment or what is trending. As for other corporations that I believe will help me have a successful business, I believe Target and Best Buy would be highly beneficial. Since my business does involve the use of electronics, Best Buy would be able to provide me with the necessary equipment. Target is an outlet for a large variety of people across the country, therefore, it would ensure that my product can be reached by almost everyone. Finally, the World Wildlife Conservation organization will make sure my product fits the necessary needs in order to better the environment.

People Needed to Complete This Project:




Organizations To Partner With:


Best Buy

World Wildlife Organization


Total cost:
Bracelet string ( 1 pack)- $10.99
Bracelet design template- $26.50
Total amount- $37.49

Total Cost ($37.49) * 1.25= $46.86

$46.86- Total Cost ($37.49)= $9.37

*My expensive have limitations however...due to the fact that customers will be providing the most valuable item and that item will give the business money towards making the bracelets. In addition, 1 pack of string produces about 15-20 bracelets, which makes the coat beneficial and reasonable. Taking this into account, my total cost should not anywhere near what is estimated above.*




This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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