Ruthann Prescott

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strained -ECO

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my business company strained-ECO, is to bring about a healthier environment and stop the damage done to our world. I would first want my business idea to be used in small places like ponds or small areas of pollution to show the greater effects on the environment . Then I would like to place these filters into greater areas of pollutants. My company has two types of filters one for aquatic needs and the other for air usage. The filters for large bodies of water will be dropped deep into the water. By the sides of the filter will have holes, and the top completely open for sucking in water and bringing along trash and litter that has been placed into the water. Animals won't be injured due to the ability of taking the filters easily out of the water, frequently cleaning the filters, and releasing any animal that might have been sucked up by the nearest trash by the filters. The other filter for air usage will be to take in smog or any other harmful gasses into the environment. It will filter out the gas and release clean air. These filters will most likely be located to the attachment of trees very high up, or local drones used by citizens if the product was bought by them locally. The ability to contact the products information or manufacture will be placed on a website, if there are concerned citizens towards the environment who would want to know more about or the purchasing of the product. However, this product will most likely be sold to the government or states in order to use for the public.


environmental filter

water uk



My product caters more for public environments, rather than just personal for somebody.

My product won't be so expensive and cumbersome. It would rather be cheaper, smaller, and more efficient.

My product won't be so small and local like the product this company has.


A new business plan can be stressful without the help of others. For my business idea I would like to have an opportunity to spread my company out to others, knowing more about my company and the causes that follow. I need help in resources towards the aspect of media. If I had a huge media following that would support my business it will not only make my company flourish, but the more people who will buy my product the more it will help the environment. Another resource that would help complete my business is a person who is strategic in business ventures. Someone who know the connections and the consumers. I need someone who will help me towards making my business thrive rather than wither. If I had someone like that it would make my company run a lot smoother, and it would limit myself from making certain mistakes that fails other companies. Having employees involved in my company will be very vital for my business. I need employees who are going to set up the filters and place them in the designated area for the consumers or the public. I need these employees also for cleaning out the filters in the areas, and helping the customer with any questions or help that is needed.

People Needed to Complete This Project:


marketing manager

a person who works in communications

Organizations To Partner With:

Global Footprint network

world wide fund for Nature

our children's earth





This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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