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Maya Gustave

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Transitioning on Through

Statement of Purpose:

Deciding to go completely let your hair go completely natural can be a big stage in someone's life. My company Transitioning on Through provides products for women who want to revert back to their old curl patterns and be completely natural again. For those who don't feel as if the big chop is the step they want to take, Transitioning on Through is the company for you. We have a specific line with shampoos, conditions, hair pomades, curling creams, and oils that are essential to get back your hair to how it originally was. If you have damaged hair because of perm, relaxing, coloring/bleaching, etc our products can help you. Our products are in any beauty supply store near you and if you have any further questions you can contact us at 3459876980


Shea Moisture

The Mane Choice



Products are affordable

I have a whole line of products dedicated to one specific thing and not just one product

Available at many stores


One resource I would need is a team of people that have that same interest in hair care as me. This is essential because they could help create different ideas and products that could sell. Another resource I would need is connections. By having connections I would be able to promote my company and make it know so more people could invest in my products. Having connections could also bring in good publicity for the company. Doing test runs and practices are also essential so I know which products to put out there that would best benefit the people using them.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

James Smith

Sara Cavana

Melissa Jones

Organizations To Partner With:

Social media platforms(Ex: Instagram)

Heat Free Hair

Sally Beauty Supply


Growth Mixture:

Total Cost:
Coconut oil- $4
castor oil- $5
Shea Butter Moisturizer-$5




My products help balck women or men who have damaged hair after perm, relaxing, coloring, or bleaching their hair and don't want to go through the big chop

By using my products your hair can revert back to its natural stages and proper curling patters. You also can get rewards and other exclusive things by actively being involved in the company

Launch Date- 9/20/2019
You can contact us from 8am-8pm on weekdays and on weekends you can contact us at 8am-10pm via phone
You can also visit our website and email us for any issues or questions

Beauty Supply stores
Rite Aid

This company was established to help black men and women of color with their damaged hair. Specifically for hair that has been relaxed or perm.

Instagram- @TonT
Website- TransitioningonThrough.com



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary!