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Maya Gustave

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Haiti's Helping Hand

Statement of Purpose:

Haiti is a third world country with very high poverty rates. Day after day citizens live without necessities they need for survival. Haiti's Helping Hand aims to provide necessities for people living in Haiti. Free food, clothes, books, school supplies, and others will be given out to people living in Haiti. Canned, preservable foods, clean clothes, suitable bottles of water, and books in good conditions are just some of the things that will collected to be given out. As time goes on and we figure out other needs that need to be met, resources for those needs will also be collected. Money will be raised to give out to organizations in Haiti who also want to lend a helping hand out to their people. Our headquarters are located 11236 Rogers Lane in Manhattan in New York City. To reach out to me or any members of the organization call 7189867308.


Action Against Hunger


Oxfam International


Provide many different resources that can be used for many things

I raise money to give away to other organizations that can help

Have a specific focus/target


To complete this project I would need a team of people that have the same interest as me in helping others. Having a team is important because we would need as much people as we can to help gain awareness of the organization so funds and other things can come in. Another resource that I would need is a main office or center that people can visit. Since we're a international organization there needs to be a specific place people can go to if they want to bring in stuff, ask questions, or even join. Connections would also be another important thing needed to complete this project. By networking and gaining connections that could bring in more publicity and that would greatly benefit the company. Volunteers is also another resource that would be needed. By having more volunteers more events and functions can be created and trips to Haiti can also be done with them going on it.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

James Smith

Sara Cavana

Melissa Jones

Organizations To Partner With:

International Volunteer HQ

Global Leadership Adventures

Voluntary Service Overseas


Total cost:
equipment- $500
Food- $900
Music- $300
Decorations- $150
All together= $2900

2900 x 25= $72500





This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary!