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Kultivate Kids

Statement of Purpose:

I want to make more kids motivated and excited about life and all the opportunities it offers. I want kids to discover their dream and all the things they can accomplish if they work hard or have genuine interests. My business would give kids an enjoyable experience by providing programs, activities, and taking them on trips that would end up making their life better. For example we would take kids to museums, have fun interactive classes and courses,, and encourage them to ask meaningful questions. This would help kids because letting kids explore and learn without restricting them too much will help them cultivate hobbies and dreams and interests that sitting at home on a screen can’t do. These hobbies and interests that my service will cultivate will drive them to pursue bigger and better things that they actually want to do like internships, volunteer programs, learning programs, and etc. I want this service to stimulate their brains and personalities so that they don’t settle for a job that just makes money but something that is of genuine interest to them and makes them happy. It will also benefit their health in the long run and make them happier, more productive members of society because they are doing what they want to do. Basically, the purpose of my service is to cultivate the dreams of kids and increase the amount of children who want to make valuable contributions to society. We would provide our services in many different places such as the museums we are going to or at the classes at our own center.
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Lemonade Day

WIT: Whatever It Takes


My service does not focus on making kids start a business or specifically asking them to finish some sort of assignment. My service just focuses on cultivating kids’ interests. And if they want to start businesses, that is great and encouraged. They can pursue those things on their own with support from us.

My service does not guide kids through a specific process to complete the end goal of creating a big project like a lemonade stand. We would expose kids to a variety of topics to build interest not just business. We also are not looking to teach them specific things like financial literacy.

My service focuses on getting this generations kids excited about life and interested in education and different topics. Its goal is to get kids off of technology and tries to utilize it less than traditional schools and programs do.


We would need a lot of funding since we need to take kids out on trips to different places and need to host many different activities. Funding would take care of planning, tickets, transportation and much more. Any fun and interactive lessons would need funding and if we wanted to bring in speakers and other important figures we would have to pay them for their services. If funding was from the government then families would not need to pay and it would be available to low income families as well. But if funding is from families paying then it might be harder for low income families to join which is something that is important because all kids are important and deserve an equal chance. We would need managers/planners to plan fun and effective activities and who would take care of organization, schedules, payment, and other things. We would need employees to take kids out on planned activities/ trips and to teach lessons. We would also need our own center to take care of inside activities and lessons. The center would be where all our employees work and there would be offices for them but also different classroom type places set up for kids and other purposes.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

Mark Cuban

Michael Holthouse

Jack Kosakowski

Organizations To Partner With:

Junior Achievement

the National Wildlife Federation

Lincoln Children's Museum


The service would be a $200 dollars per year subscription for each child. There would be a deal with four children or more of $350. Two children is $250. If we get funding from the government or other organizations the service would be free for low income families. Employees will be needed but volunteers who work for free will also be employed. Full time employees who work as managers/planners should get salaries of $60K each year. People who take kids out for trips can be parents who work for free and are chaperones or employees who are payed the minimum wage. Advertising the product will cost $1000. The total cost to create my service should be $4000. This would include renting out a small space for our center, advertising, hiring employees, creating lessons and activities, and partnerships with museums and speakers. The profit should be around $100 dollars from each kid. The partnerships with museums and speakers would make the costs of tickets and such cheaper so we could afford to get them and pay our workers.


Children and adolescents are the ones who need my business because they are the people who to be inspired. They are spending so much time on modern technology and many kids are finding that they don't have dreams, interests, or hobbies. Children and adolescents who spend too much time on technology or just want to find their passion need my service.

My service is basically inspiring kids by stimulating their brains with many different experiences. It helps kids to discover and develop their interests or hobbies by exposing them to different topics, careers, fields of learning, and etc. It also aims to generate a passion and interest for learning and growing and being dynamic.

My business is open from Monday to Wednesday and the weekend from 8:00 AM to 6PM. The launch date is June 30th, 2020.

A part of our services will be held in a center for our activities in a rented storefront. We need our own center for lessons, speakers, and activities but many activities will be held outside the center at various places like museums, zoos, parks, and etc.

Kultivate Kids was established because kids are using screens too much and studies show that this excessive use is very harmful to their health. Kids are also losing their passions, dreams, interests, and hobbies to the social media giants. Kultivate kids wants to get kids active and off technology, while also helping them to discover their dreams and interests so they can find the right path to pursue in their life.

Social media marketing is effective so we would advertise mostly on Facebook which is popular among adults even though adults don't use social media that often. Word of mouth is also very effective in tight knit communities so we would spread the word about our service and get parents to sign their kids up. We would have to put ads in the newspaper and posters up around many neighborhoods. We would also get our service known through TV ads.



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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