Tamara Rodriguez

Marketing is all about the 5 W's and H - Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?​​

Who - needs your product or service (women, girls, men, boys, teenagers, moms, or babies)

What - you have to explain to people what your product or service accomplishes for them

Why - this explains to your customer why your business was established 

How -  this is how your customers will find your product or service
Marketing: social media, newspaper, website, radio, word of mouth, blogs, TV, local religious institution

Where - focuses on the location of your product or service 
Business location: online business, store front, high school lobby, instagram store, church, community center 

When - the time and place your business is open as well as launch date.
Ex: 24/7, 9:00-5:00 PM, Weekends, Weekdays
Launch date - the day/month/year you plan to start your business​

Watch the video below to understand how this family started their business and how they were able to market the business.


Record the Who of your business idea:

Record the What of your business idea:

Record the When of your business idea:

Record the Where of your business idea:

Record the Why of your business idea:

Record the How of your business idea:

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