Jemima Selamy

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Statement of Purpose:

Have you ever felt incomplete? Wanting affirmation on making a decision? Do you feel as if no one understand you? Well listen up black beauty. You are strong don't ever let a pass or current experience defeat who you are. Our ancestors were enslaved for us to have a voice and shout your freedom. In today’s society black women go through episodes of trials and tribulations to ensure that their families and generations to come wont face what they have been through. “ I AM WHO I AM”, this project is to innovate and empower young black women to be confident in their own skin, hair, flaws and be able to express themselves despite what they’re facing or what they’ve been through. For example, coming from a broken home where your father was never present, never was able to have a bond with women figures in your home, and being imprisoned by your insecurities, and daily life struggles. “ I AM WHO I AM” will change and heal the wounds in your life, and break the chains of feeling imprisoned you will find a sisterhood of mentors, relatable sisters who is growing with you, and most importantly you will create a family built from innovation, empowerment, and motivation. This project will be all aged black young women because even the little ones have a voice, and can speak life to someone as old as you other there. Being who you are, encouraging and empowering sisters, sharing testimonies of your bondage, setbacks to uplift another sister to be strong. “ I AM WHO I AM” will be instituted in local community centers, college campuses so that every women of color will be able to vocal their opinions.






"I AM WHO I AM" is for young black women to express who they are.

This project is open to every black girl to grow from your setbacks , and motivate each other.

This program will not be once a year, but every season of the month with different themes.


The resources I’ll need in order for “ I AM WHO I AM” to be a success is lots of sponsorships by investors and lots of funding. The idea I had is before I start this project I would start by fundraising, and asking for donations in the company. The goal is for “ I AM WHO I AM” to be in every state and become international so I’ll have a representative from state to state to fund and get our name as much as possible. Advertising the project and creating slogan that I would have on highway banners, street side posters , posted in grocery shops. Speaking at schools and starting the project in schools as a after school program/ summer camp in different states. Placing this project as a club in various colleges so our women to blossom and be familiarized with this new project. Hosting different pop up shops to expand business of others and popularize our project. Setting meetings with community representatives to get funded for our business. After our name is familiar in towns and cities we’ll work our way to senator, mayor to get a corporate sponsorship under a mutual business to get revenue and our name on the market.

People Needed to Complete This Project:


Community Representatives


Organizations To Partner With:

Women's Learning Partnership

Instuite for Women's Policy

Winfrey's Network


Total Cost Equation: Custom Shirt with Logo $15.00
Registry $25
Monthly fee $10
Total - $35 / monthly - $10

Pricing : $35 +$10* (12 months)= $155

Profit: $155-35=$120
Jemima makes $120 off of each new member who joins " I AM WHO I AM"


This project is for young black women from young to old to find themselves and express who they are within a community of sisters.

This project will serve as a safe haven for women or young ladies who feel alone and need empowerment, and motivation. You will find support and others who have same setbacks who will grow with you. The goal is to connect with others and be there for them. Most importantly being yourself and embracing who you are.

This project will vary depending on location and it will fit in schools , college clubs , and community centers. Every season we will host a victory party where everyone will meet together in the community center auditorium to celebrate you and new members, and the progress you made thus far. We'll celebrate with food, and open mic where sisters will share their stories or encouragement to fellow sisters.

" I AM WHO I AM" will be everywhere it will be a fit project in churches ,community centers, high school, middle schools, college clubs , and it will vary. We will have a social media platform with daily motivations and updates about meet ups.

" I AM WHO I AM" was established because I've seen my sisters hurting to the point where turn to drugs, alcohol, and other things that will not make them better to find a sense of relief for a few minutes. So I said why not start a project to find everlasting joy without hurting your body, and to truly know who you are as a person amongst other black sisters.

You will find us and to know more info find us on social media on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. We also will be hosting different events in different towns to get a insight about what this project is really about. To see if this program could be at your school or local community center.



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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