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J'da-Wren McKay

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Wren;s Psychatric Care

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my service is to be an open door for teens who are facing depression, anxiety, chronic conditions, and suicidal thoughts, given the fact that they may not have someone to talk to. I have always cared about a person’s mental health and I believe that they should have more assistance and better care. They can receive the attention that they need. Furthermore, we can work on ways to understand an individual’s mood, thoughts and behaviors. First I will examine all of the common illnesses in each area, specifically starting with communities within Brooklyn then spread throughout the five boroughs. I will then do deep research on how socio economics plays a role in their illness in order to adequately serve them. From there I will be able to build on how to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and any other additional issues. In the end, I require my service to spread awareness of mental health issues. to get in reach of this service, clients can contact me through email and or by phone.


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental Health America

Mental Health Foundation


Targets teens


offer free sessions with therapists


In order for my project to be successful I would first need therapists. Secondly I will need social workers to provide direct clinical services to identify health issues or any possible additions. This business will be in need of mental health counselors as well. They contribute to helping patients work through personal issues, and to provide psychotherapy. Furthermore they can orchestrate counseling session. A public relation person will craft media programs for the organization. Giveaways are necessary for attracting customers. Flyers will be generated so that people are informed about this program as well as a website to promote the available service. Most importantly, I will be in need of a facility to hold all of the programs and sessions. These resources are the backbone to my service and without them I cannot build my project.

People Needed to Complete This Project:



public relation person

Organizations To Partner With:


CHADS Coalition

Erika's Lighthouse





This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary!