Harmonie Heath

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Statement of Purpose:

DCG will give a unique experience to women of color by being multifaceted organization My company will expose women of color to sports that are rarely available in low income communities.Additionally, teachers will help girls with academic support before and after practice.This gym will also give girls opportunities to connect with each other despite going to different schools.The company can possibly allow girls to travel all over the world exposing them to new cultures.The company will play a vital role in saying girls can do sports that people don't feel is culturally appropriate giving them a whole new take on life It can also possibly stop girls from being involved in so much drama since they would have a something to do after school.If the girls don't find any activities in their school interesting this could be a supplement so they can still receive credit,this can also give them opportunities to to receive scholarships.






education aspect

Skills aspect

Scholarship aspect


For year one my company would be located in a gym in the Bedford Stuyvesant to help with expenses.I would also apply for city grants such as our Board,Local Grantmakers' Organizations,Regional Foundation Directories The Foundation Center Online. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance and I will connected with multiple public and charter schools to recruit girls.I will also have teachers from my networking off of my college experience and personal contacts.Another resource will girls I currently know that5 want to either teach or invest into the company.I will also get donations from people.Another resource would be a small tuition to pay for certain expenses.We will also enter into competitions to raise money.The girls will also fundraise through hosting shows and doing community service.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

Sarah Martino

Harmonie Heath

Kayla Houston

Organizations To Partner With:

Unity Prep




- Total cost of equations:
Brownsville academy building: In-kind donation
30 adults volunteers/instructors X 15.00 per hour
1 chrome book X 129.00: 150 = 20,000.00
Lab equipment = 4,500
Robotic equipment= 1000
Activities equipment =4000
Over all total: $50000.00




This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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