Clementina Jose

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Jump In!

Statement of Purpose:

Jump In, was a Disney movie that kids in my generation had grown to love and adore. The movie revolved mainly around double dutch and how although the family was encountering hardships, being together and having outlets such as double dutch helped the young and the old deal with their problems. We are living in a world at the moment where things such as fighting, social media wars and bullying are glorified and monetized, my aim is to firstly tell young women that social media isn't real life. To teach them that they need to build a life/legacy outside of social media, violence isn't the answer and creating bonds with elders are important. My company "Jump In" is a new and innovative way to bring the young and the old together. Our goal is to not only educate young girls on the importance of bonding, but to create a day where they are entertained, receive a variety of health fairs, lectures, etc. If there are any questions about this company/any donations that want to be made you can email and also call 1-347-869-2251.


Calvary Women

Career Services For Women

Planned Parenthood


This service helps homeless women only in one area but my service, in hopes if we get adequate donations we can not only work with homeless women but give back to the community and help the homeless

This service is only offered in New Jersey whilst my service is offered worldwide and we offer this service amongst others

Planned Parenthood only gives education and help concerning health whilst my company offers that, interaction with mentors, fun games, etc


The beginning to any great business is what you put in. I can't expect to have a successful business if I don't put in necessary effort or commit fully. I've always been told that what you put in is what you get out, so I believe that one important resource will be myself. I need my knowledge, my work ethic and most importantly my time to be able to complete this project. I need to be able to sacrifice certain things for the bettering of my business such as put aside extra money for my business, give up vacations, etc. I need to possess characteristics such as drive, discipline and determination. Next, surround myself around people who will provide adequate support and help, to my business. People around me will also be a key resource to the start and success of my project/company. Their ways of thinking, ideas, and work ethic need to align with mine. (I'm not saying that we have to agree on everything but we should be able to coincide without too many issues concerning the project). Additionally, another resource I will need to be able to access for the completion of my project is money. Money is very important because without adequate start up money, there will be no "Jump In". I have hopes that we can find responsible sponsors/donors to help start my business.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

Jimmy Jose- Brother

Sangra Aarons- Friend

Chenequa Morales- Family friend

Organizations To Partner With:

Girls Be Heard

Sadie Nash

Girls Who Code


Total Cost : Pricing:
1 Adult Ticket- $15.00 Total Cost($27.00)*1.25 = 33.75 33.75 - Total Cost $27.00 = $ 6.75
1 Kids Ticket- $12.00

Total Cost= $27.00 I will price my tickets for Jump In at 33.75 My team and I would make $ 6.75 from each joint
ticket( including adult and kid)


Young women need my service so that as they are growing and flourishing they will be able to have guidance and fix any disconnect between the young and old.

My business not only brings together the young and the old generation of women, but we also educate women on having better hygiene, certain foods that are better for consumption, college preparation and all together a guide to "Jump In" to their future and their true potential.

My business would be open on June 30th from 11:00 am- 7:00 pm until the closing of the summer which would be August 26th. It would take place every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays at that time. Then we would tour around different countries that have different climate and try and appeal to them as well.

My business will work worldwide, there will be no specific region but it will be more so of a community business and or online business. We would advertise it mainly on social media platforms, hand out cards and flyers around schools but our main business location will be online.

"Jump In" was established to help the rising generation. Being that I have grown up in the current generation, I had seen social media break young women. They had turned to social media as their only outlet and created their own life on it to where they possessed no identity in the outer world and they had turned away from their families. I created this business so that women, young and old can come together in one day so that they can attend series of health fairs, youth can learn about the college process, higher education, engage in fun activities and have a day where they are away from all forms of social media.

My team and I will use a variety of methods to get people to know about my company. Ways such as making flyers to post on platforms such as Eventbrite, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We will create ads for the newspaper, appear on radio stations, go to buildings and churches to advertise our business, etc



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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