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 My name is Ruthann Presscott, I am driven and a goal orientated student. I have graduated in the top ten of my high school year while being a national honors society student. I am a first generation college student. I have won a business competition launching my own social venture, and will continue to pursue this passion in the future. I will continue in being a support for other girls  in my community and I hope to be a physician assistant in the future. 

RuthAnn Prescott

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My name is Symphony Hylton, and I am a senior at High School For Health professions and Human services. I will be attending Syracuse University this fall as a Biology major.  Throughout my entire high school career I have devoted myself to change, taking on various leadership positions such as the President of the Student Body, and Black Student Union. I live by the saying “My community is Me”, my community pushes me to be my best, and I will continue to fight for my community to receive what they deserve. Becoming Seed Scholar of the Year will put me a step closer to achieving my goals of becoming a doctor. 

Symphony Hylton

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Hi new members! My name is Serenity Sherwood, and I am proud to call myself a Seed Scholar. I am from Afro-Latina and Caribbean descent. Graduating from Brooklyn College Academy, I am furthering my education at the University of Virginia. Growing up I have always gravitated towards veterinary science, along with wildlife conservation. Due to these interests, I am going to study Biology with the intention of becoming a Marine-biologist. In my time at Seeds, I have learned to articulate my passion towards the admissions offices of over 20 schools. I also found volunteer work to help build my resume for college. Due to the hard work I dedicated to my time as a seed scholar, I am confident that I will thrive in the world today as a minority woman. Due to the wonderful coaches and the sisters I’ve made while I’m the program, I am happy to transition to a University Scholar! That way I do not have to leave the new family I’ve entered, and I can help welcome those of you who join. 

Serenity Sherwood

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Shanty Figueroa is a senior at Unity Prep High School, as a rising college student she aspires to major in Political Science and/or Psychology. As a young black woman, She always had the urge to advocate for her people. This drove her to want to become a Civil Rights Lawyer. To ensure and make great changes in the African American culture through the justice system. 

Shanty Figueroa

Hi, my name is Racquel Whittingham and I am a Seed Scholar. I am a young Caribbean-American woman who has graduated from Brooklyn College Academy and will be attending Hunter College in the fall. At Hunter College I will be pursuing a Human Biology major with a goal to then obtain my nursing license. My future career goal is to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Over the years I have realized that I have a connection with children, especially babies, and I genuinely want to ensure the proper care for both mothers and their babies. My time within Seeds of Fortune inc. has allowed me to really connect with other young minority women of color. Together we have tackled the obstacle of college applications, learning how to network, being financially literate, and so much more. Seeds of Fortune has really made a huge impact on how I now wish to go about things in life. For that I am grateful! 

Racquel Whittingham

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