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Seeds of Fortune Inc. is a scholars program creating the next generation of financially empowered young women of color by helping them apply for college scholarships, as well as teaching career and financial management skills.

Planting Seeds of Economic Empowerment for Young Women of Color.

Seed Method 

When evaluating student loan debt Black and Latino students rely more on loans to pay for college than other racial groups. 

With the median wealth of Black and Latino families at $16,000 and $18,359 respectively versus White families at $124,000; minority families are spending a higher portion of wealth to cover college costs. 

At Seeds of Fortune we are here to decrease debt and increase the overall  wealth in the minority community.




We assist our scholars with the college and scholarship application process to maximize their chances of getting full rides to higher education institutions.

We teach our scholars the power of their money through personal finance course and socio-economic origins of money in the United States.

Scholars encourage one another to build their goals and dreams throughout the 6 years of high schoool and college. 


Scholars must be able to transition from the world of academia into the work force. We assist them through professional development workshops and internships programs.

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601 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001

 nitiyawalker@seedsoffortune.org  |  Tel: 718-781-1879

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